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Doodle Comission
Sketchdump by Dreamprotected
NiddhoggnewHead by Dreamprotected
Quick doodle either colored or b/w.


My dream, my art, my property
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Info can be found here:

Come with me into the land of fantasy, the entry is your sanity.

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I was tagged by :iconluziferschoice:

What to do? Simply answering questions and giving some information about my OCs.

How many OCs do you have? (post thumbnails here if you feel like)
To many 8l never counted them
Sadly I don't have pictures of all of them.

UR aka Urban Ragnarok

Keeth,  Felicitaz,  Skoll,  Hati,  Fenrir,  Managarm,  Loki,  Odin,  Thor,  Baldur,  Frigga,  Frey,  Freyr,  Hel,
Jormungand,  Hugin & Munin,  Dag,  Nott, Sita,  Tyr,  Bragi,  Heimdall,  Sif,  Idun,  Fafnir,  Niddhögg,  Byggvir,  Bejla,  Arya,  Nyr...

... and several more, but the list would get waay to long as it includes almost all norse gods and several other creatures from norse mythology.

The Rose

Hieronymus, Maayan

Broken Shadow

Lunis, Vincenzo


Leen, Aroth, Alun, Kulaan, Voith


Tekila,  Ryo'ichi,  Ailinel/Aki,  Eule, Lythia, Orion, Reifnir, Nito, Djinn,  Miel, Wynd, Icarus, Zeitgeist

Let's get to know your OCs by comparison:

Who is the tallest? (feel free to specify height, if you have thought it up)
uh... among my humanoid characters it's Loki with roughly 3m height.

Among the creatures it's Jormungand with....uh....several hundred kilometers length. :D

Who has the most striking and unique eyes?
Again I'll make a difference between humanoid characters and creatures:

The most unigue eyes among my 'humans' have the 'Ravens' (They're shapeshifters), Hugin and Munin.
Who's eyes each have different colors. One is a shimmering black (like a ravens eye) while the other is red.

For the creatures it's Niddhögg, who has three  bug-like, luminiscent green eyes on each side of his head.

The most striking human eyes has Hel. Grey, almost white with a greedy, cold expression.

Among the creatures it would be the eyes of Voith. A god-like Dragon in his story.
His eyes are like black holes. If you look into them you feel like they suck you right in.

Who is the strongest? And who is the most intelligent?


Most intelligent:

Who has the most beautiful voice?
Fenrir. He has a deep and soothing voice. Exept when he gets angry. Then his voice rambles like a deep growl.
But I think even that is kind of beautiful.

Who has the most troubled past?
Nito! He died. Got murdered to be precise.  (He's a Poltergeist...maybe I should mention that.)

Who is the most selfless, and who is the most evil/selfish/malevolent/callous?
Aroth. He's the most loving and loyal albino-dragon you can find :)
Malevolent/Evil: Loki. Trying to destroy nine worlds at once for pure revenge is kinda evil I think.
Selfish: Managarm. Nothing to add here.
Callous: Keeth. He's the most outspoken and disrespectful character I have.

Which of your OCs is the one you consider more revealing about yourself?
And what does that OC reveal about you?

That's a tough question, since most of my characters reveal something about me.
I'd actually say I have two that reveal the most: Keeth& Felicitaz.
You put both of them together and you have basically me.
Felicitaz as an artist and an actual girl (like... she behaves like one), a dreamer and a really thoughtfull person.
Keeth because I'm at least as stubborn as him, tend to curse the whole world and still am quite faithfull to those few I trust.
They have some details that aren't me (I hate dresses and skirts while Felicitaz wears them all the time and if I had
Keeths selfesteem I'd be happy), but they got a lot of myself.


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