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My dream, my art, my property
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Come with me into the land of fantasy, the entry is your sanity.

Just me:
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I like:
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  • Listening to: Saltatio Mortis
  • Reading: Interview with a Vampire - Claudias Story (Manga)
  • Watching: -
  • Playing: Skyrim
  • Eating: Salat
  • Drinking: Icetea
Found it on tumblr...I'm to lazy to dig out the link so I'll just go on ahead and do it:

  • Fire: What's something that you're more passionate about than you'd care to admit?
    Myths and Animalrights I think.

  • Dragon: Are there any "urban legends" from where you live? What are they?
    Uhm.... I actually had to look up one as I'm not that familiar with Urban legends..more with the old ones...
    There is one said to have it's origin here in germany about a black-cloaked man.
    Some say that, whenever livethreatening disaster is imminent, you'll meet a figure in black cloaks saying "not yet!"
    That man is said to be even seen by people who are in a coma, yelling at them to "Wake up!". He's even said
    to be seen in trains. He's always described as wearing a long black cloak, a large black hat and having a dark uncanny voice.
    After warning people he simply vanishes. Some call him "Der unheimliche Rufer" (The creepy caller".

  • Dark: Tell us about a time you had to face up to a fear.
    Uh... Well,  I had social phobia for a long time and went seeing a therapist to
    get a hold of it (it actually vanished completely in some cases) I think that was one of
    the times I had to face a fear and did face it.

  • Ghost: When is the last time you were so surprised, you gasped?
    Not surprised but spooked. I think it was almost two weeks ago when I watched a friend playing Amnesia machine of pigs
    and met two of the monsters in a row. ;m;

  • Grass: Where do you feel you belong the most?
    Where my closest friends are... if you are talking about environments I think it's somewhere in the mountains.

  • Poison: Name something you enjoy, but that no one else seems to.
    Uh... Nature. At least I often have the feeling, that people around me don't take that much interest in that.

  • Bug: What has changed about you in the past 5 years? What has not?
    I lost my social Phobia and I think I grew a bit mor self-confident in some things.
    What didn't change is that I tend to trust people really fast which is not always for the best.

  • Normal: What are three of your favorite things in your everyday life?
    Sleeping, chatting with friends, gaming (there is more...XD)

  • Fairy: Tell us a story. Any story.
    I almost got a jaybird as a pet. I found one that had fallen out of it's nest and
    the vet I brought him to asked me if I wanted to keep it. But I didn't feel secure about
    caring for that little guy so I brought him to a shelter where he was cared for.
    I regret it by now. That would've been the coolest pet ever.

  • Water: What do you do when you feel you need to be healed?
    I talk to friends of mine... or visit some place were they have animals. The zoo or friends with pets.
    I always feel really calmed down and happy when I have animals around to watch and maybe even get to pat.

  • Ice: If you were to stop time to enjoy an activity, what would that thing be?
    Reading. I never have enough time to read all the books I want to.

  • Flying: Tell us about a moment when you gained perspective in life.
    When I watched the making-off about Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers.
    Being precisely the gallery of conceptart and the creating of Gollum.
    That was when I decided I want to get into that buisness somehow.
    And now I'm sitting here studying mediadesign xD

  • Psychic: Who truly understands you?
    I don't want to make it sound like I don't appreciate the people close to me but I don't think I have like
    that 'one' person (<- I don't mean a relationship...just sayin) that understands me completely.
    Each of my friends understands a part but not all of me...if that makes any sense xD

  • Electric: What do you think gets you out of bed in the morning?
    Uh... mostly the hope of something fun to happen. Or looking forward to something
    I want to do on that day... though I do have days when I just want to turn around
    and sleep in because I feel it'll be a day as boring as some of the others were.

  • Rock: Name three things your life revolves around most.
     Friends, University, getting myself standing on both feet. Can't wait to have a job and a flat
    of my own and everything (though my best friend is my flatmate right now xD So I can't complain)

  • Ground: Who helps you stay on the "right path"? friends (did I mention I cling to them quite a lot? XD) and my family sometimes.
    They push me back into the right path, when I lost it. Sometimes they're a bit rough but...well I think it helps :)

  • Steel: Name an opinion/practice you are adamant about, something you will not change.
    Protecting animals from abuse of any kind if I can. I will never stop telling people if they're wrong about
    how they keep their pets for example. And I don't care if I annoy anyone with that.
    All animals feel and breath and deserve to be treaded the right way.

    Also I'm a know-it-all sometimes. But since I don't see it as wrong to tell people things they may not have known yet
    and I do try to be open to corrections if I'm wrong...won't chage that either :)

  • Fighting: What is something you desperately want to change?
    My lack of selfesteem in some things and that I let that bit of confidence that I managed to achieve to be torn down way to easily.
    I want to care less about what others say about me and my opinions....
    Another thing would be my allergies. I'd do anything to get rid of them. All of them. They cause so much trouble ._.

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